Welcome to Black Letter!

Hey all you spooky people! 

I am so excited to finally be able to welcome you all to Black Letter Boutique! This has been my passion project for quite some time and being able to invite you all to experience this with me is such a beautiful and loving feeling. I truly hope that everyone feels catered to and taken care of, and that my store inspires you as much as I feel inspired by all of the beautiful people who have supported the boutique thus far! Keeping reading to find out more about myself, Black Letter Boutique, and my promise to you. . .

A little about me . . . I'm Ayanna and I am from and currently live in Colorado. I absolutely love Colorado and all of the opportunities and experiences we are afforded in this gorgeous state! I have two dogs that are complete opposites but both so perfect. My oldest is a black lab and Rottweiler mix, followed by a black lab mix. I also have a cat who I love dearly. Truly the lights of my life. I love reading and am a member of several book clubs, enjoy photography (VERY green), and true crime. Really anything to do with true crime, from books, movies, podcasts, you name it. If anyone wants to chat about anything, head over to the blog, I love exploring topics with people!

About Black Letter Boutique . . . The idea for a boutique began a couple years ago but did not start to really manifest until 2021. Owning this boutique has always been living in the back of my mind. However, for a long time it was only a far-off fantasy. I finally decided to go all in and turn talk into action. Opening this boutique has been a dream come true.

The feelings that I really wanted to emulate are warm, cozy, safe, and just utterly relaxed, with a touch of spookiness 👻 When deciding what values would be the most important to me, I landed on two simple ideas: curated, quality products at an affordable price and truly unique and incredible customer service. My goal with Black Letter is to make it an all-encompassing experience, where every order will cater to each person and bring about a feeling of happiness. 

What you can expect . . . no matter your level of interaction with Black Letter Boutique, even if you just happen upon the site, I want you to feel warm and welcome, like walking into your favorite bookstore. I want this to be a place where you shop for all of your favorite items that make your perfect surroundings a reality.  Whether that is a warm blanket, a good book, or a new tarot deck. Check out the "Cleaning and Care" blog for cleaning instructions for clothing, home decor, and jewelry. 


Thank you all for being apart of this journey with me,

Ayanna Maxwell