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Deep cleaning your entire home may seem like a daunting task, and I'm right there with ya sister, but we are in this together! Do I want want to wash every throw pillow and blanket in my home? No way! But three dogs make it a necessity. But what do we do for fabrics that are hard if not impossible to clean? Well I've done the Google-ing so you don't have to. Basically it all boils down to this: READ THE TAG.

Even couches and upholstered chairs should have a tag that contain cleaning instructions. But...what do those symbols mean? 

Sofas and upholstered chairs

Symbols on a tag can include:

  • W - you can clean using water*
  • S - you cannot use water* and will need to purchase a solvent-based cleaner
  • WS - you can use either water or solvent-based cleaner. This material ain't picky. 
  • X - the most sensitive of fabrics. This means vacuum only. 

*Distilled water works the best. 

If your furniture does not include these directions tread lightly and go from least to most. Start with a vacuum with an upholstery attachment and test liquids on an area that is not easily seen in case there is a bad reaction. 

If the tag has a W or WS you can easily clean your furniture using home products. After vacuuming the fabric mix 2 cups of water, 1 tablespoon of Dawn dish soap, and 1 tablespoon of white vinegar. Use a microfiber cloth to dab the area with the solution followed by a microfiber cloth with water only. Use a dry towel and a fan to ensure that the spot dries completely. 

There are also store-bought remedies. 

Pillow foam

If you've ever had a major freakout after spilling on a pillow, don't worry! You aren't alone. I have spilled a-plenty on my pillows and am always so grateful that pillow covers exist to cover those stains. But here are some steps on how to keep the foam inside of your pillows fresh.

As soon as you spill, get yourself a damp cloth and dap the foam with it. Then, use a vacuum to suck up the excess liquid. 

If the spill is deep into the cushion then try to soak up as much liquid as possible using paper towels. Then dry with either a hair dryer or the sun (depending on where you live.)

Thanks for tuning in spooky people!

Please share any tips you find useful or post any questions other readers or myself can help you out with! 






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