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Let's talk about something that truly consumes 90% of my time. More so than any other form of media. I'm talking about PODCASTS. In the car? Podcasts. In the shower? Podcasts. Working? Podcasts. You get it. And more specifically, true crime podcasts. I believe that there is an element of true crime that really does intrigue us as human beings because it is so outside of what many of us face on a day-to-day basis (privilege check-point). Delving into minds so different from our own is truly an experience, and my favorite way to experience this is through (you guessed it!) podcasts. But what really makes a worthwhile show?

**Preface: There are a ton - and I mean A TON - of true crime podcasts so I apologize in advance if I do not mention your favorite here. This is really only a small selection of my favorites. However, please feel free to discuss your favorites in the comments! 

There are many ways to define what makes an enjoyable podcast based on our own objective opinions. However, I do believe that there are certain aspects that make a podcast valuable to the listener, and keeps us all checking back week after week for new episodes. First, the facts in the story need to actually be factual. There is nothing worse than listening to a podcast and you hear something you know isn't true and potentially damaging to either the victim or their families. It makes the podcasters lose all credibility. I love me some wild speculation, but the actual story they are telling needs to be true, and they need to be able to back themselves up with research and credible sources. Second, they need to respect the victims. Victim blaming is incredibly hurtful and just shows a lack of personal empathy. Also, its uncomfortable and cringy AF.

Personally, I love podcasts that really dive deep into a story. I like knowing every detail and fact about a case. Also, the storytelling itself needs to be compelling. I don't want a lecture, I want a story told to me that involves suspense, revelations, and (because this isn't a visual medium), voice inflection! I don't want to listen to Ben Stine from the the Clear Eyes commercials talking to me for an hour. 

Here are some my top true crime podcasts (not listed in any kind of order):

My Favorite Murder

  • My Favorite Murder
    • This is the podcast that really began my quest into true crime podcasts, and podcasts in general. I love how Karen and Georgia really have great back and forth and do a phenomenal job of keeping the story entertaining and factual at the same time. Plus, they cover all of the heavy-hitters. One thing I could have less of is the amount of conversation in the beginning, but the stories they share are just so thoughtful and well done.

Wine and Crime

  • Wine and Crime
    • What to say about the Wine & Crime gals? They have me dying laughing, which can be a nice reprieve from the general sadness of true crime. These ladies are great if you like more condensed stories. They begin by having Amanda introduce the wine she has paired with the case. I absolutely love wine so Amanda going over different notes, varietals, etc. is really fun for me. Next, Lucy goes into the 'background and psych' about the topic, and then Kenyan and Amanda present their cases for the week. Sometimes incredibly dark, sometimes lighthearted and fun. I would not recommend if you do not enjoy a good bit of banter. Daily I find myself repeating so many of their hilarious phrases. They just all work so well together, and their stories are really interesting and not very well known, so you won't feel like you've heard about it a dozen times already.

Serial Killers

  • Serial Killers
    • I would highly recommend this for anyone who is anti-banter and loves a DEEP dive. Greg and Vanessa just get right to the point from the get-go. Also, their voices make it very easy to follow along. One of my favorite things about Serial Killers is how they really try to examine the motives and thinking of the perpetrators (even though Vanessa is not a licensed psychologist or psychiatrist ;) ). They will also occasionally have re-enactments that just add another level to their story-telling. They are my go-to when I just want to get my fix without any of the unnecessary talking. They also usually tell stories over 2 or 3 parts so it really allows you to get the full view.

Morbid: A true crime podcast

  • Morbid
    • I love Morbid because these ladies really try to honor victims. They also have all of these funny quips and sayings that really help lighten the mood. They really take deep dives into the stories and take as much time as necessary to explain it. I have to admit I am definitely more of an Alaina than an Ash, but they are both such rad women who really love what they do. While listening to Morbid I always feel like I'm in the same room as these ladies, just sitting back with a cup of coffee. 

Crime Junkie

  • Crime Junkie
    • The women of Crime Junkie really do a good job of keeping their podcast as factual and focused as possible. There is really is no banter, other than them discussing the case. Plus, you can tell that they try their hardest to only use the best sources of information. Also, I love the way that they organize their stories and let you know in the title what kind of story you are about to experience, whether it be a missing person, a serial killer, or unsolved. They also do a spectactular job of following up on stories and really have their fingers on the pulse of true crime.

Any recommendations? List them below!

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