HYGGE (Hoo - ga) Danish

Noticing and enjoying the simple things in life, embracing comfort, and reveling in time spent with loved ones. 

I first came across the concept of Hygge during quarantine while trying to ease my anxiety. In a nutshell, Hygge is the cultivation and enjoyment of extreme comfort. Adding or removing things from one's environment and then engaging in relaxing activities is the best way to experience this. Think warm woods, fireplaces, and having minimal distractions (especially technology). If you're like me, clutter is the murderer of relaxation. Other people feel more comfortable around many objects that hold memories. Whatever floats your boat. Whether you are an incredibly busy person or you have more free time, it never hurts to slow down for a moment and reconnect with those things and people that mean the most to you. Although Hygge is a lifestyle, feel free to start small and chose what elements are realistic for you and your life. Below is how I create and embrace my own Hygge journey. Most people use very similar items and activities, but feel free to make it your own! This is your experience. 

Light candles / fire

  • I LOVE candles. Anyone who knows me will tell you that my candle collection is extensive. However, I do not want to have more than one scented candle burning at once, especially if the scents are different. Chose whatever scent suits you and your mood. The rest of the candles I make myself using unscented soy wax. You can buy wax and molds at your favorite crafts store. You can also purchase wax dye to make the candles more aesthetically pleasing. If you have a fireplace or fire pit, light that sucker up! 
    • Check out these wine barrel-aged candles by Rewined. These candles come in a container made of Acacia wood. The warm scent combined with the look of the candle itself makes for an incredibly calming environment. 

Turn on relaxing music

  • The music I find most relaxing is acoustic guitar. For some it's jazz, for others its not even music but maybe a podcast. Again, this is a chose-your-own-adventure type deal. Just make sure it is something that truly relaxes you.

Comfy clothes and blankets

  • SOCKS! SOCKS! SOCKS! Love me a good pair of knee-high cozy socks. Throw in a cozy sweater and plenty of blankets and you've got the cozy, warm space you've been dreaming of. Some other articles of clothing that complete this feeling of comfort include scarves, beanies, leggings, and cardigans. 

Warm drinks

  • Making your own coffee can kill two birds with one stone, lending to both taste and smell. I love chamomile and lavender tea, or a hot toddy if I'm looking for something a little boozy. Hot chocolate is also a great option, especially for little ones (hold the booze).

Loved ones

  • Interpret this how you will. Sometimes a loved one is just yourself. As an only child I crave alone time and start to feel disconjointed if I don't get it. Plus dinner for one is so much easier, amirite? Most of the time my loved ones are my two dogs and my cat, who I love dearly, and my partner who has a way of understanding me that I am truly grateful for. If your family or significant other bring you peace and calm that's fantastic! Plan a game night or an intimate dinner. 

Calming activities

  • Think knitting, black and white movies, reading, baking, honestly anything that evokes a feeling of relaxation or serenity. If you feel stressed just trying to make toast, don't use cooking as your calming activity, obviously. My go-to is reading books, but I am also getting a lot stronger with my crafting (after much practice).

What do you do to embrace your inner calm? Share your thoughts below! If you're looking for ideas, Pinterest is bursting with them. 

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