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  • Hygge

    Hygge is the cultivation and enjoyment of extreme comfort. Adding or removing things from one's environment and then engaging in relaxing activities is the best way to experience this. Think warm woods, fireplaces, and having minimal distractions (especially technology). If you're like me, clutter is the murderer of relaxation. Other people feel more comfortable around many objects that hold memories.
  • Favorite Fall Recipes (Part 1)

    **This recipe is not my own. As much as I love cooking and baking I am not advanced enough to create my own recipes. Maybe one day, but probs not...
  • True Crime Podcasts

    Hey spooky people! Let's talk about something that truly consumes 90% of my time. More so than any other form of media. I'm talking about PODCASTS. And more specifically, true crime podcasts. I believe that there is an element of true crime that really does intrigue us as human beings because it is so outside of what many of us face on a day-to-day basis (privilege check-point). Delving into minds so different from our own is truly an experience, and my favorite way to experience this is through podcasts. But what really makes a worthwhile show? Let's discuss!